International English Language Programme

International English Language Programme (IELP) is specially designed to equip the students with the necessary skills to:


The objectives of this course are:


Levels : 9 (inclusive of preparation for IELTS, MUET and LCCIEB examinations)
Duration : 1 level per month
Hours : 20 Hours per week
Class Size : 20 students (max.)

English for University Entrance Leading to IELTS/TOEFL at IELP level 9
(100 Hours Per Level)


Reading & Writing Skills

This module helps students read efficiently and in a meaningful way, enabling them to successfully tackle academic as well as non-academic texts. Texts for reading come from a variety of sources, such as textbooks, magazines, newspapers etc. Students are guided step-by-step through the writing process – from selection of topics to organizing, drafting and revising of information. Writing assignments progresses from paragraphs to essays. Students write about contemporary subjects that are relevant to their current or future academic courses.

Grammar Discovery

Grammar is no longer taught in isolation. This content-based grammar module teaches grammar through the ‘discovery’ approach. It motivates students to figure out the rules as they improve their mastery of grammatical structures and vocabulary.

English in Action

English in Action brings together all the language skills. It includes a comprehensive vocabulary syllabus and incorporates systematic work on listening, speaking, reading and writing. Its distinctive features include:

Drama is used to spice up the language learning. The priorities are developing fluency and extending vocabulary. The module has been designed to give students ample opportunities to improve their listening and speaking skills.

Business English (LCCIEB)

This module prepares students for the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Examination Board (LCCIEB) assessment. It builds students’ knowledge of the subject gradually and systematically, focusing on practical and realistic communication tasks in the real work environment. Students are encouraged to use the knowledge of business practices and the language of business settings. The activities involve working out instructions and information, selecting relevant information and presenting them in different types of writing communication used at work such as reports and letters. The module is invaluable for those seeking to gain internationally recognized LCCIEB qualification.

Listening & Speaking Skills

This involves listening to lively, natural language from various contexts including dialogues, interviews, lectures and announcements. Students are often exposed to examples of natural English in a variety of accents to prepare them for real life situations. Learning strategies emphasize on summarizing main ideas, identifying details, making inferences, listening from stresses, reductions and intonations.
In the speaking class, students are trained to pronounce words accurately, develop voice control and be sensitive to the audience. At its final stage, students are expected to deliver an impromptu speech. They will be assessed throughout the course through individual presentations, pair interactions and group discussions.

Language Adventure

At Dynamic English Academy, language learning goes beyond the classroom. We offer students the opportunity to explore the areas of study that interest them outside of the college routine. Trips are organized to places of interest in Kuala Lumpur and around the Klang Valley on a regular basis during the course. Apart from having fun and expanding their vocabulary, students are required to conduct research on their chosen topics. They have the opportunity to interact with the general public in English as they go about gathering data and information for their assignments. Dynamic English Academy encourages students to present their findings both in written and in oral forms, giving them the opportunity to be creative and analytical in their English language usage.


Throughout the course, guidance and practice will be given on essential study skills such as note-taking, holding discussions, giving oral presentations, reading for research and report writing. Thus students will be well prepared to adapt to college and university studies.


A written and/or oral assessment will be conducted at the end of each level.


A Certificate of Achievement will be awarded to students who qualify.



At Dynamic English Academy, we go to great lengths to customize our programmes in order to satisfy the needs of our clientele. We provide our clients with professional advice on the selection of programmes offered at Dynamic English Academy.

University Entry Programmes For Adults

Dynamic English Academy offers various university entry courses, namely:
International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
TOEFL Preparatory Course
Malaysia University English Test (MUET)
Comprehensive English Grammar Course

Career Advancement & Self-improvement Programmes For Adults

The following are the career advancement & self-improvement programmes conducted at the Dynamic English Academy:

  1. Intensive English Programme (Level 1)
  2. Intensive English Programme (Level 2)
  3. Intensive English Programme (Level 3)
  4. Communication Skills in English
  5. LCCIEB – English for Business (Preliminary Level)
  6. LCCIEB – English for Business (Level 1)
  7. LCCIEB – English for Business (Level 2)
  8. LCCIEB – English for Business (Level 3)
  9. LCCIEB – English for Business (Level 4)
  10. Report Writing
  11. Public Speaking
  12. Business English for Executive – Level 1
  13. Business English for Executive – Level 2
  14. Business English for Executive – Level 3
  15. Communication English for Operatives – Level 1
  16. Communication English for Operatives – Level 2
  17. Communication English for Operatives – Level 3
  18. Adult Literacy & Numeracy – Level 1
  19. Adult Literacy & Numeracy – Level 2
  20. Adult Literacy & Numeracy – Level 3
  21. Certificate in Intensive English Programme
  22. Diploma in English

These programmes are organized as public programmes as well as offered to colleges, corporations and companies etc. We go to you and you need not leave your premises.

We take instructions from you on how best to implement these language courses effectively just for you.

Holiday / Study Tour English Programmes

Dynamic English Academy has the pleasure to inform you that it is the first of its kind to offer English language programmes for tourists or those who are on study tour to Malaysia. The following are the courses specially designed for this purpose:

  1. Communicative English
  2. Conversational English
  3. English for Social Interactions
  4. Other Customized Programmes


These Courses are specially tailored for working adults


A. Effective Communication in Bahasa Malaysia

This course is specially designed for expatriates who have little/no knowledge of Bahasa Malaysia. This intensive BM programme aims to help participants improve their communication skills in BM so that they will be able to communicate effectively in their everyday activities. The course stresses development in all language skills with special emphasis on effective speaking and listening skills. It will also cover grammar at the basic level. Participants will also be taught the basic Malay social etiquette so that they will be able to communicate effectively both in the workplace as well as that of day-to-day situations.


B. Effective Communication in Mandarin

This course is specially designed for beginners in Chinese Language who have little/no knowledge in Mandarin. It aims to help participants develop their oral communication skills in Mandarin so that they will be able to communicate at an elementary level with the general Chinese speaking public. It will cover the use of Mandarin for common day-to-day oral communication situations.

Advanced Courses

Advanced courses for both languages can be arranged and customized for the company’s needs.

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