London Diploma In TESOL (Assignment Based / Distance Learning)

Sequence of Conduct

This is an external diploma from London.

There will be no regular classroom lessons for assignment based students unlike the classroom based where there are regular classes. Dynamic English Academy Sdn Bhd will allocate at least 3 hours of instructional time at our centres for each module to brief the students on the scope of learning expectations of the module, assignment briefing and for question and answer sessions. The assignment questions for each module will be given to students on the 2nd lesson of each module.

Students will complete the course in the sequence of Module 1, 2, 3 and 4 or Module 2, 1, 3 and 4 followed by the conduct of teaching practice (practicum). Students must complete all the 4 theory modules and submit all the assignments before embarking on the practicum sessions.

Students may be invited to join the classroom based group for additional help, if such a class is in session.

For practicum sessions, the students must have at least 2 sessions of training, plus 1 mock practicum before the conduct of the Final Practicum Assessment.

Dynamic English Academy Sdn Bhd trainer will assign presentation topics to individual students. During the practicum sessions, assessment can be done by peers/classmates. Students are also required to submit a simple lesson plan for their presentation. The trainer will conduct a debrief after the sessions.

Entry Requirements

Students should preferably possess:

Assessment Format:

8 assignments (2 per module) and a final practical assessment at the end of the Practicum. 

Total Course Duration:

As this an assignment based package, all of the coursework will be at student’s own time. For all modules, some meet-the-trainers session will be organised to allow students to clarify doubts and get pointers from the trainers. For the one final practicum examination, students will join the Dynamic classes at our centre in Petaling Jaya. Practicum classes may be organised in the respective towns if there are 5 students an above in each town.

Course Structure

Module 1 – Language Theory

In the first module, students will be introduced to the different ways in which we learn a language. The module will cover the principles of language teaching and the different learning needs and styles of students.

Module 2 – Language Teaching Methodology

In the second module, students will learn how to apply the different language teaching methodologies and approaches for different courses. You will also be exposed to a variety of teaching materials and aids that are important for you to carry out an effective teaching plan.

Module 3 – Linguistics & Language Teaching

Upon completion of this module, you will be able to demonstrate the knowledge of the main phonological, lexical and syntactic features of contemporary English. The different terms and definitions needed to teach the language effectively will be covered in this module.

Module 4 – Classroom Planning & Organisation

Module 4 introduces you to the various learning needs of individuals and groups of learners. You will be taught on how to design a range of lesson plans, with clear and achievable aims based on the needs and learning styles of different groups of learners. Classroom management, evaluation of teaching materials, methodologies in engaging the interests of the learners, and establishing rapport with them are part of this module teaching.


For the practicum module, practical teaching techniques and regular practical teaching are integrated throughout the lessons. Students will have more than one chance to present a practical teaching session. At the final session, students will have to prepare a lesson plan and present their lessons to the entire class. The trainer will set up a simulated classroom-teaching environment and students will be required to teach the audience a lesson that they have designed. The trainer and invited guest trainers will evaluate your performance based on a set of guidelines. Feedback will be provided for further improvements.


Upon successful completion will receive 4 London certifications:

3) LTTC Certificate in the PRACTICE OF TEACHING

Fee Structure

Course Fee RM3,300* for onetime payment (all inclusive)
*(All inclusive) – covers registration, affiliation, examination fees, textbook, notes and other study materials as deem necessary by us.

Those who wish to pay by 4 monthly instalments, please contact our office:

Upon registration and receiving of materials for Module 1 plus one hour briefing plus textbook-RM 1200.00
Upon receipt of Module 2 plus one hour briefing-RM 900.00
Upon receipt of Module 3 plus one hour briefing-RM 900.00
Upon receipt of Module 4 plus one hour briefing-RM 500.00
Upon receipt of practicum-All above payments settled.
Total sum for monthly instalment is RM3,500

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Open Invitation!

YOU are invited to watch our classes in session at the centres in Kota Kinabalu and Petaling Jaya.

Contact Persons:

Mr Lim @ 019 – 478 2289
Pn. Ana @ 012-393 4921


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